Casa Dovela
Casa Dovela


The Casa Dovela project came to life through the perseverance in the restoration of the heritage within the Condesa neighbourhood by the hard work of its talented architectures and creators: Chic by Accident Project y Ludwig Godefroy.

Abandoned for more than 20 years, the house was restored with respect to tradition, with a touch of modernity added for the comfort of its guests. Taller LU’UM was dedicated to the task of realising the atmosphere of each and every space, decorating it with objects to suit the style of Casa Dovela.

And they are not just any old objects: they are the results of great Mexican artisanal tradition from the states of Michoacán, Puebla and Oaxaca. The founder of Taller LU’UM, Alan Favero, dedicates his work to visits of Mexican craftsmen in the mountain ranges of Mexico. Alan travels to true depths to find the people behind each work of art. And there he discovers authenticity, tradition and a piece of heart of each craftsman passionate about his/her work.

Casa Dovela is not only your home, but also an artists haven, a space of timeless expression that looks to give a voice to such talented architects, designers, creators, photographers, painters, sculptors, artists and Mexican craftsmen.


Casa Dovela

Ludwig Godefroy Architecture

Ludwig Godefroy

Casa Dovela

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Casa Dovela

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